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The material in the links below spans the gamut in believability from the factual, and demonstrably true, to the scarcely credible, if not downright incredible. That is to say, not every word in every one of these links is necessarily true. In this world, there are hard facts and there are also flights of fancy. You, the reader, must exercise your humble faculties of discernment and God-given horse sense to carefully sift fact from fable! 'Nuff said. Let's go underground.
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. Military

Cheyenne Mountain
Norad's Space Command
NSA in the Vaults and Tunnels Under the Canberra Embassy
NSA has 12 acres of supercomputers underground at Fort Meade, Maryland
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers -- Underground Construction (Tunnels), Shafts and Caissons
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers -- Tunnels and Shafts in Rock
U.S. Navy Tunnels for Coal in Alaska, 1920-21
U.S. Navy's "Rock Site" Plans for Sub-Sea Floor, Mid-Ocean Bases
Artificial Cave Shelters
&quotf?;Site R" aka "Raven Rock"
History of "Site R"
Homefront: Site R is secure, but it's not undisclosed
OVEST -- Value Engineering Study Team


FEMA, DOE and Other Federal Agencies

Mt. Weather
CIA at Warrenton, Virginia
DOE's Waste Isolation Pilot Plant (WIPP)
DOE's Yucca Mountain Project
Tour Yucca Mountain


Other Government and Civil Engineering Projects

Exploring the Chicago Tunnel Company in the 1980s
Ripple Rock Explosion
Ripple Rock
Traylor Bros. Tunnel Projects Guide
Lesotho Highlands Water Project
Sam's Light Rail Page - Tunnels & Engineering
The New York Underground
Boston's Big Dig
World Subway Page
Center of Berlin Construction
Minnesota Library Access Center
New York City Water Tunnel No. 3
London Underground, U.K.
Nebraska Emergency Management Agency
Exploring the Mount-Royal Tunnel ventilation shaft
The New Cascade Tunnel
New York Subway System
Under-River Tunnel Headings Meet (December, 1916)
Detroit-Windsor Tunnel


Non-North American Military Underground Bases and Tunnels

"Secret Underground Cities" in the U.K.
Cuban Military Underground
FAS Report on Yamantau Mountain, Russia
U.S. Congressional Statement on Yamaf?ntau Mountain, Russia
Dimona, Israel
North Korea
NAZI Tunnels
580 Kilometers of Tunnels Filled with NAZI Gold


Mormon Church

Mormon Underground Geneological Vaults in Wasatch Mountains


Corporate Underground Facilities

Radar Ranges Of The Mojave
Underground Bases in Southern California
Exploring the Chicago Tunnel Company in the 1980s
AT&T Underground Sites at Finland and Raven Rock Mountain, Pennsylvania


Corporations That Make Underground Tunnels and Facilities

Perini Corporation
Traylor Bros.
Traylor Bros. Tunnels Project Map
Frontier-Kemper Constructors, Inc.
Hef?rrenknecht AG
Parsons Brinckerhoff
Elgood-Mayo Corporation
Dawn Engineering
Amalgamated Construction


Tunneling and Underground Construction Publications, Conferences,
Associations and Institutes

The Excavation Engineering and Earth Mechanics Institute (EMI)
Infra-Tunnel 1999
American Underground-Construction Association
American Underground-Construction Association -- 2000 Activity Report
American Underground-Construction Association Corporate Member Directory
International Tunneling Association
Tunnel Business Magazine



Tunnel Boring Machines

Tunnel Boring Machine Comes Through In a Crunch
The tunnel boring machine (TBM)
TBM - tunnel boring machine vibration monitoring
State-of-the-art tunnel boring machine set to carve out Queens water tunnel
MWRA MetroWest Water Supply Tunnel Boring Machine Repairs Complete
Tunnel Boring Machine
Tunnel boring machines
TBM Exchange.com


Underground Tunneling and Construction Methods

Ground Freezing
Underground Stalk Industrial Method
Tunnel Construction



Cave Database
National Speleological Society
National Caves Association
Saudi Desert Caves
Caves and Caving in the U.K.
Wookey Hole Caves, U.K.
Carlsbad Caverns National Park Page


Ancient Tunnels and Prehistoric Civilizations

The Mystery of Oak Island
The Double Gate Tunnels - The Ancient Al-Aqsa Mosque, Jerusalem (Part 1)
Ancient Tunnels Near Nile
Ancient Subterranean City Beneath Giza
Inca Tunnels
Ancient Roman Aqueduct Tunnels
The Mystery of South America's Subterranean Tunnels
Ancient Tunnels in South America (Part 1)
Ancient Tunnels in South America (Part 2)


Alleged Alien "Secret" Bases

Dulce Base Information Page
Crossroads or Crossworlds?
More Dulce
A Field Trip to Dulce, New Mexico
NIDS Refutes Dulce Wachtower Claims
Brad Smith on Paul Bennewitz and Dulce
Underground Bases Intro
Have You Encountered Subterranean f?Entities or their Tunnels, Underground Installations or Machinery?
Project Tobacco: Claimed NM underground base
13 Maps of Underground Bases


New World Order Conspiracy Stuff

What is going on at the Denver Intl. Airport?


Miscellaneous Underground Conspiracies

Think About It
The Phil Schneider Lecture
UFO Magazine.co.uk Underground Bases Casebook"
The Famous "Billy Goodman Happening"
Project Redbook
Orion Technology and Other Secret Projects
The Branton Files
FEMA and the Hidden Underground Government
UFO Chronicles
Underground Bases and Tunnels
FEMA -- The U.S. "Shadow Government"